Save Money With a Utility Rebate Appraisal

March 26, 2019

When it comes to installing a heating and/or cooling system or replacing an existing system, homeowners can benefit from lower energy costs, manufacturer incentives, and rebates. Taking advantage of an energy rebate can be the trickiest part of saving, but the utility rebate appraisals offered by are designed to ease and streamline that process. What’s a Utility Rebate? Energy rebates, which are also known as energy credits or incentives, are a way that private and public entities support energy efficiency, renewable energy, and so forth. Rebates have certain criteria, and if you meet that criteria when installing your HVAC equipment, then you receive the rebate, which helps to offset your initial investment. What’s a Utility Rebate Appraisal? Determining if you qualify for a rebate and whether or not a rebate makes sense for a particular home can be tricky. So, offers appraisals. This allows our company to help homeowners learn this information and make these decisions very early on in the process. Which Rebates are Available? It depends, which is why this process can be challenging to homeowners. Your local jurisdiction and utility company may matter as well as the types of technologies you’re considering. It’s also important to note...

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