Why Is My Heating System’s Filter Black?

Strange things can happen with a heating system. Unexpected mishaps may require service calls, and routine maintenance is also necessary at times. You should, therefore, expect to replace a filter at some point. When the screen becomes black, something is seriously out of the ordinary. Putting in a new filter might not be enough. Depending on the cause, other work may be required.

Dirt Accumulates in the Filter

The filter catches dirt and, eventually, becomes so dirty that it turns black. Changing it before this point would be best. If you waited too long to change it, get the work done now. If you live near Burbank, CA, you can turn to Air Max HVAC.

Mold Finds a Home

Mold might not be the first thing you suspect when you see a black filter, but the organic growth may very well be the culprit. Mold can grow in any environment that’s hospitable to it. This includes the interior of a heater. If there’s dampness inside the heating system, any mold spores present are going to grow and feed. Once mold affixes to the filter, the organic matter on the screen will give mold a food source. The filter has to go. You may want to have mold inspections performed, too.

Carbon Monoxide Reveals Itself

Carbon monoxide in the home represents a severe threat to everyone’s health. With no carbon monoxide detector hooked up, no one will know for sure if there’s any carbon dioxide present. The gas is both odorless and colorless. Worst of all, the gas is poisonous.

Once carbon monoxide comes into contact with the filter, the screen may turn black. While unsightly, the color change at least provides a potential warning that there may be a carbon monoxide leak.

The time to place a call to Air Max HVAC is right now. Our company has served Burbank and the surrounding areas since 2001 and is ready to help you with your heating and air conditioning needs. Our team handles air conditioning maintenance, heating repairs and installation, and other jobs.

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